Our Programs

Assisted Living Program

Okanagan Mental Health Services Society operates five centrally located, community-based Assisted Living Homes throughout the Kelowna area. Each home is staffed throughout the day to offer support and life skills training that assist residents.

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Coral Residence:

A 10-bed residence designed to provide short-term intensive rehabilitative support, and is staffed 24 hours.  Coral House is for assigned individuals who have just been released from the hospital, are experiencing crisis and need extra support.

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The Therapeutic Work Program (TWP)

Assists individuals who are experiencing serious mental health challenges to gain valuable skills that will increase their ability to obtain and maintain meaningful employment. This, in turn, supports their recovery to better mental and overall health. Research shows that between 70 to 90% of people with serious mental health challenges are unemployed, and suffer the highest degree of stigmatization in the workplace. Research also supports that being employed and able to care for oneself is a major factor in recovery from mental illness.

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