• Assists individuals who are experiencing serious mental health challenges. Clients gain valuable skills that will increase their ability to obtain and maintain meaningful employment. This, in turn, supports their recovery to better mental and overall health. Research shows that between 70-90% of people with serious mental health challenges are unemployed; additionally, they suffer the highest degree of stigmatization in the workplace. Research also supports that being employed and able to care for oneself is a major factor in recovery from mental illness. The Therapeutic Work Program exists to fill the gap, and assist individuals to be proactive in their recovery by providing the bridge that links their desire to work with the opportunity to do so in a modified and supportive environment.

  • The Therapeutic Work Program is designed to give clients a hands-on approach to learning necessary job skills, while simultaneously receiving support from supervisors who understand the struggles of dealing with various mental health issues, the effects of medications, and how these can complicate client’s life. Staff foster individual relationships with clients that help support, encourage, teach and motivate them in the best way possible.

  • The Therapeutic Work Program is more than just a job training program – it is often the only social and emotional support that our clients receive. We have an open door policy that encourages clients to ‘visit and have a coffee’, telephone for emotional support, or just have somewhere to go where they feel safe and accepted. The alternative, often, is to aimlessly wander the streets, or isolate in their homes.

  • The Therapeutic Work Program offers clients a sense of purpose and normalcy. Staff are trained in working with people who struggle with mental health issues, and have a history of proven leadership skills. As our clients move through TWP, and gain skills that enable them to obtain and maintain employment within the community, they are then granted opportunity to utilize our Vocational Planning Services (VPS). VPS provides job coaching not only to gain employment or pursue education/training in a chosen field, but to also offer ongoing support. We are in the process of expanding VPS to include job placement or job shadowing where we partner with employers to provide support during the beginnings of new employment.

  • Referrals to the Therapeutic Work Program are most often received from Interior Health in the Central Okanagan, although occasionally we do take referrals from additional sources. once a potential client is identified, an intake interview occurs so clients can learn what the program is all about, and what their expectations might be. Also during intake assessments, staff are able to get an understanding of whether the client is a good candidate for the program.

  • Once taken on, clients start with minimal expectations. However,  as individuals become more consistent in meeting set expectations, the responsibilities and training allowance increases. Training varies in length for each individual as supervisors and clients work together to provide the best possible work experience for each individual client.

Our Therapeutic Training Program includes:

Both Yard By Yard and Room By Room are available for hire. We would be delighted to have you contact us for more information, or to set up an appointment to receive a quote for our services.

If you are a business owner and would be able to partner with us to provide employment placement or job shadowing opportunities for our clients, we would love to meet with you to discuss more about our program and how you can benefit from partnering with us!

We also gladly accept donations, and will give you a tax receipt for any financial contributions.